Are You My Twin?

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They say everyone has a twin. Have you ever seen someone like you and they look like you. You might have and you might have not. They could be in the room and you not realize it. Do you believe you have a twin?

To find out if me and you are twins take this quiz. Be surprised if your my twin. Because it's really hard to find a twin. If your my twin post a comment. Tell me whatcha got

Created by: Kaleigh
  1. Skin color?
  2. Hair color?
  3. Eye color?
  4. Full lips or no lips?
  5. Height?
  6. Number of brothers and sisters?
  7. Fat skinny or slim or middle?
  8. Do you like the doctor
  9. Do you like the dentist
  10. Do you have braces?
  11. Favorite color?
  12. Are you Emo?
  13. Are you punk?
  14. Are you goth?
  15. Are you any stereotype?
  16. Are you weird?
  17. Are you funny?
  18. Do lots of boys ask you out?
  19. Choose an emoji.
  20. Do you play an instrument?
  21. Pick a word to describe you.
  22. Is your hair straight or curly?
  23. Ears peirced?

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Quiz topic: Am I My Twin?