Twin flame soul mates

Twin flame soul mates are very special people. They live and breath each other's lives and have the ability to know the other person. They are superior to your everyday soulmate. Let's see how!

Do you know what love is or suppose to be. Well in the next few minutes let's see how well you know about this thing called love and how you relate to it shall we!

Created by: Twin flames

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How do you know he or she is your twin flame soul mate?
  2. How do you imagine making love to each other
  3. What drives you crazy about him or her
  4. Your gender
  5. Have you ever cheated or looked at another person wanting to cheat
  6. Tell me 1 thing about twin flame soul mates
  7. Going back to the previous question! Are you really and honestly a compassionate and forgiving person towards other who have wronged you
  8. Would you stay with your partner for the rest of your life, or look for an out in years to come
  9. Would you spice things up in the bedroom
  10. How did you guys meet

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