Whitch of the two clans are of angel clan or demon clan

This quize is really just for fun but I want to make an anime when I turn 28 so I made a game of the anime I want to create so I would have an idea of what I want the design to be.

I have a long time to go until I turn 28 because I am 15 so I decided to make a quize to start with. Hope you like your result if not sorry. I am only the quiz maker I don't give your result you answers do.

Created by: Travis Estep

  1. Would you kill your family clan enemy
  2. What would you do if your friend were fixing to be murdered
  3. What would you do if you were getting called names
  4. The rest of the questions will be choos
  5. Choose
  6. Choose where you would rather live
  7. Choos
  8. Choose
  9. Choose
  10. I'm running out of ideas for questions so Whitch of these anime do you like

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