Are you from legendary demon clan or angel clan

This quiz is to decide whether you belong in the legendary demon clan or the legendary angel clan fight to bring distraction or secure peace. Fight well live well die well

Live the life of the angle or demon you are and don't loose control don't know what else to put on anything really so fight for what you believe in. Be untouchable. Be brave

Created by: Travis estep

  1. What of ability do you want to be able to do
  2. Would you kill your family's enemy clan
  3. What do you desire most
  4. Where would you prefer to live
  5. Choose
  6. Choos
  7. To heal,or to kill
  8. Your friend is fixing to be killed what do you do
  9. Someone calls you a name what do you do
  10. What do you choose as your weapon

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Quiz topic: Am I from legendary demon clan or angel clan