What Warrior Cat Clan Would You Most Likely Belong To?

This quiz tells you what clan you would most likely enjoy in the end. The results are based off of the answers you give. Have fun! Plz don’t get mad if it’s not the clan you prefer!

Idk what to write now but it requires it so ima just say a few things! There is a question that asks who ur fav cat is in the series, not all the cats are there so... anyway... my fav cat is Hollyleaf! Lots of people think she’s evil but she’s not, if you read Hollyleaf’s Story you might think differently by the end about her! Any way, again, have fun!!!

Created by: Hanna

  1. What kind of prey do you prefer?
  2. Where would you prefer to live (camp)?
  3. What is your personality?
  4. What would you rather hear when you fall asleep?
  5. What is ur fav cat out of all the series? (This question doesn’t count against your final score :] )
  6. This question and the next few aren’t supposed to be here but I need 10 questions so just click one and move on. Thx!
  7. Again just rando chose!
  8. TROLLOLOLOLOLOL!!! I got a lil bored... :)
  9. Almost there!
  10. Last one! Are you bored yet? (This won’t count against you)

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