What Clan Do You Belong To From My Warriors Fanfiction?

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This is just for my Warriors fan fiction. Information is explained below. This is NOT a quiz for canon Clans. Only my fanon Clans. Okay, information is here:

The storyline follows four Clans. MothClan, WolfClan, ElkClan and HawkClan. Each Clan has a guardian (or “warden”) that is the animal of the Clan name. The cats from each Clan have the qualities of the said animal. These cats live in the forest close to the Mountains, and are known as the Mountain Dwelling Clans.

Created by: Whisterea
  1. What element do you have a connection with?
  3. At a gathering, an enemy Clan attacks your leader. What do you do?
  4. Okay, one more rp.The leader of your Clan asks you if you would like to train as a healer (the Mountain Dwelling Clans’ version of med cats). Do you accept or decline?
  5. Good answer! Now, pick a word.
  6. Okay, that fits you! Now, choose an animal.
  7. I love that animal! Now, if you were a warrior what traits would you like to have as a cat?
  8. Okay, almost done! Where is your dream home?
  9. Okay, cliche but- what’s your favorite color?
  10. Last question! What role do you want in a Clan?

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Quiz topic: What Clan do I Belong To From My Warriors Fanfiction?