Are you more like Alex, Phillip or Rob?

People differ from one another and in the case of Alex, Rob and Philip this couldn't be more true. These three are quite different and offer something different to the table.

Which of these three are you more like? Would you like to find out whether or not you're like Alex, Rob or Philip? Take this short quiz and the answer will be revealed to you

Created by: John M

  1. Would you rather?
  2. Do you like playing or listening to music?
  3. Do you play sports often?
  4. If you were to choose, what or who would you save?
  5. How many relationships do you see yourself getting into before marriage?
  6. What is more important?
  7. Are you good with computers?
  8. Three Fs
  9. Your Popularity?
  10. Do you have a short temper?

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Quiz topic: Am I more like Alex, Phillip or Rob?