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  • I don't have depression, I just feel regular sad sometimes this quiz -_-

    Alorievan Dec 29 '18, 12:27PM
  • Mine's was 93% depression, I'm single and feel alone even if I live around others, it's accurate to how I am, it's no wonder I'm the way I am, I feel gloomy now and then, and hopeless no matter what I do to work hard to motivate myself...I got around 30% Paranoia and like 15% manic..for me it's all mental pain. But don't give up, life is valuable, we must not let the super power dark forces to defeat us by wanting to give our life away, you are all beautiful and special, and deserve a chance to live in everyday life.

    Kevineli777 Apr 13 '16, 2:47AM
  • 100% just weird is good news that means the voices in my head aren't bad! :)

    rheascug Nov 30 '15, 8:26PM
  • psychosis 100%... hahaha

    Elory Chihuahua Aug 3 '15, 8:05AM
  • Psychosis

    woolblanket Feb 28 '15, 11:23PM
  • Psychosis

    woolblanket Feb 28 '15, 11:23PM
  • This is s--- to be honest. I'm not 'just plain weird' for wanting to be mad. I just want someone to tell me I'm mad so maybe it'll be a reason for my head to hurt all the time and to daydream about putting a knife through my gut and wanting to scream all the time.
    I know it's annoying when people want to be ill but I just want to know what's wrong with me dammit...

    nothanks Feb 9 '15, 1:11AM
  • si got depression? well ive already been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar, and adhd so yeaahh.... and im plain weird as well everyone says so! but blackkitten, you really think being emos about having a disorder? get a life! im scene just because i love the style!

    djmusic300 Mar 9 '14, 4:59PM
  • Hmmm.. im 13 and labeled manic depression

    jilli Jan 7 '14, 1:48PM
  • for the last question ' what do you want the results to be' i clicked 'that im mad' and in my results it said that i wanted to be mentally ill and that im just plain weird. Yes I'm weird, i know that. but No. Something is wrong with me, but i just dont know what. i want an answer and that was why i chose the answer 'that im mad'. Maybe if I knew what it was that i was dealing with i could help myself. So no, i dont want to be mentally ill but i want an answer as to why i keep feeling the way i do.

    wakemeup Mar 10 '13, 3:38PM
  • It (the diagnosis) fits me to a T as well as the sub catagories.

    jag001 Jan 4 '13, 12:30AM
  • I got paranoia.... also I'm 100% just plain weird.... huh... actually already knew that....

    DamagedSinger13 Nov 30 '12, 9:45PM
  • heheh... i got manic depression.... im bipolar. -_-

    Kookybabe May 21 '12, 9:54AM

    appayipyip Jan 9 '10, 9:43PM
  • I've manic depression...(((

    machen1991 Jan 3 '10, 10:08AM
  • depression

    i jus get really sad sometimes. i'm so emo.

    blackkitten Dec 8 '09, 1:15PM

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