Are you Mark, Jack or Felix?

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Hello! Welcome to my quiz! I hope you enjoy it! This quiz is just if you’re bored, or if you really want to know. If you know who these people are, yay. If not, I suggest looking them up on YouTube.

This quiz will tell you if you are Jack (Jacksepticeye), Mark (Markiplier) or Felix (Pewdiepie) I hope you have a good time taking this quiz, if you do, please rate, comment and share if you want to! Have a good day!

Created by: YouTubePrincess13

  1. Let’s start easy, who’s you favorite?
  2. What’s you favorite color?
  3. What’s you favorite video game?
  4. What’s your personality like?
  5. Where do you want to live someday?
  6. Do you like to do challenges? Ex. Try not to laugh, etc?
  7. Do you even know who those people are?
  8. How often do you watch them.
  9. What’s you favorite pet?
  10. who do you want to get?
  11. Who do prefer to watch?
  12. Do you have a YouTube channel?
  13. What’s you videos like?
  14. How often do you upload?
  15. How many views do you get?
  16. Last you think you’ll get who you want?

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Quiz topic: Am I Mark, Jack or Felix?