Are you a Helix or Felix?

In a world with humans, elves, gods and a few random chunks of chocolate, creatures known as Ikai live. There are two (?) breeds of Ikai: The Helix and the Felix

Which one are you? Are you a person who would fit in the huge Felixian tribes or are you a rouge who goes out to explore and hunt his way trough life?

Created by: 7sg4nena

  1. Hi there, how are you?
  2. Okay, I want you to name a thing about yourself which you really like.
  3. Interesting, a thing you dislike in another being?
  4. Ah, I see. What do others describe you as?
  5. Okay, that's....nice.....what's your favorite way to spend days off?
  6. I see, certain people you DO NOT get along with at all cost?
  7. Okay, what would you say if you'd encounter a group of those people doing a thing you hate them doing?
  8. o....kay....Now how sane are you?
  9. Well, this quiz in nearly over, enjoyed it?
  10. What do you think you'll become?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Helix or Felix?