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  • All of this is true but I would curse you out ina hot second if I had to =) but this result is true (=

    Your Result: You Are Way Too Happy....

    Ok, nobody minds a nice person. But nobody likes an eccentric weirdo. You probably like smelling the flowers and giving an receiving hugs. You think that a day without a smile is a day wasted. And a day with a frown is a day best forgotten. You know how to make everyone, except people like us, laugh and smile. You enjoy being around others and love to make new friends. Most people like you and get along with you. And even people who don't know you can sense that you are nice and friendly and easy to talk to. People share their problems with you because they know you'll listen and...You make us sick! Why did you take this quiz? You don't need us to tell you that you're loveable; people have been telling you that for your entire life. Did you take this quiz just to brag to everyone that you're amazing and nice? Well, never take another quiz of ours again! JOKES! We're way to egotistical and vein to tell you that. Take as many of these quizes as you want. Just don't expect nice feedback.

  • I am not too happy! There is no such thing as being too happy!!!!! But it was an ok quiz

  • You are way too happy... Wrong! That didnt' fit me at all. This quiz sucked.

    I like music
  • dude the results wer u r not a nice person.meanie ur quiz sucks(srry)


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