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  • It's confuses

    Noplo Jun 24 '16, 5:32PM
  • This does not help. After the submit button, the test results said how much did you even text your friends? Relax. But I don't even text them that often and i answered one of the questions as I don't talk to them as often. So that does not help at all.

    Noplo Jun 24 '16, 5:31PM
  • Mah dick felloff while taking this quiz

    Ebola69 Mar 8 '16, 6:24AM
  • add me on snapchat alexmcmillan180

    oledesay1 Feb 11 '16, 8:43AM
  • my name is ole i am a blonde brunette from lapland in colchester i think my dad is my best friend because he hates me on sundays but sometimes goes to aldi with my dad. sometimes i like to watch jeremy kyle when i am eating my nan who sometimes eats my nan :) my friends live in my friends house with my friends who are also my friends. i dont have any friends, please dont help me i listen to joe allen's mixtape when i wank

    oledesay1 Feb 11 '16, 8:42AM

    rave Jul 13 '14, 5:58PM
  • 8==============D

    LOTSOFPENI Feb 16 '14, 12:38AM
  • ummm this didnt really help my friends hate me and i know it :(

    cmg000 Oct 31 '13, 11:13AM

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