Are you losing you're friends??

Well i made this quiz for all those out there about to lose their friends, hopefully it helps you open you're eyes and realise you maybe in deep water, or you're just way too clinghy and that may be the reason why they're not you're "friends" any waysYoull find out by taking my quizz

"im not ready to make nice, im not ready to back down, im still mad as hell and i dont have time to go around and around and around. Its too late to make it right, i probally wouldnt if i could, im still mad as hel!!!" maybe you're friends feel like this, good old dixie chicks, ne ways...Enjoy thye quizz people!!!

Created by: Benjaminge
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  1. Standard question, how do you feel around you're friends???
  2. You arrived back at school from you're weekend and you're telling you're friends what you did...How do they react or act???
  3. Do you ever text (sms) these people???
  4. You arrive to school and tell you're friends about something that happend...You have a sexuality change...You're bisexual...How do they take it???
  5. What happends with you and you're friends at lunch times??
  6. What is their reaction when you're trying to have a conversation with them??
  7. Do they ever invite you out with them for a weekend??
  8. You're in p.e class, do they include you in a sport??
  9. Do you think that someone in the group doesn't like you??
  10. If they have been talking about you, do you think theyve said something about you to make them dislike you??
  11. Final question...How are you going to react if you are losing them??

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Quiz topic: Am I losing you're friends??