Are You Like Me

Hey. Hi. Hello. Heylo. Wassup. Howdy. Well You Clicked This Quiz To See Is You Are Like Me , Right. So All You Have To Do Is Be Honest.{{{}}{}{ Choose Wisley}{{}}{}}

So are you really like me. REMEMBER BE HONEST. You could be a little bit like me, not like me or like ALOT like me......Well lets see :] How much would You Be Like me.............

Created by: Chocolate Coco

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do You Like Track
  2. Choose One
  3. Which Place Would You Go
  4. If Someone Pushed You What Would You Do
  5. What's Your Favorite Color
  6. Favorite Sweet
  7. What Would You Want To Be In
  8. Hobby?
  9. What's Your Dream Job
  10. Did You Like This Quiz (No Effect On Answer)

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Quiz topic: Am I Like Me