Does HE love you? (gurls only)

There are men that say they love you just to get into your pants. Take this quiz to find out if your man truely loves you or if he's a fony make sure you anwser wisley because the anwsers you choose will change the results.

Does your man love you? Does your man lie to you just to make you happy or get other things out of you? Take my quiz and find out make sure you anwser wisley so that you get the correct results.

Created by: Deidre

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Will he say he loves you and kiss you infront of all your friends?
  2. If you guys have sex does he talk about your sex life to his friends?
  3. Does he take you out in public?
  4. Do you love him?
  5. Does he tell you that your beautiful and other compliments?
  6. Does he know you took this quiz
  7. If he knows that you took this quiz was he confident or worried?
  8. Is this test going to make you consider his true feelings are ofr you?
  9. Do you think he loves you?
  10. Is this test annoying you?

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