Are you getting fatter? (18+ gurls)

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Do you think you are gaining weight? Do you want to know for sure? Take this quiz! No one really ever reads these so I’m just gonna do the middle game

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Created by: Boofergang

  1. First question: Do you have an ultimate enemy?
  2. How do you cope? Be honest!
  3. put on a pair of jeans, sit down in a chair, straight posture, lift up your shirt, you see
  4. Now stand up, pull up your shirt (if your alone take it off) now bend down and try to touch your toes, now look at your stomach. You see:
  5. Put on some jeans that fit you at least 1 month ago (at most 2 years ago) do they fit??
  6. Now try to take them off... if you could get them on
  7. Walk down the stairs (with you pants that fit) now walk up the stairs. How do you feel? What did you feel?
  8. When was the last time you weighed yourself?
  9. Do you feel heavier?
  10. Would you like a pudgy belly, we don’t judge at the boofergang.
  11. Look back at a pic from a year ago, are you skinnier?
  12. You go to a party, they are serving snacks, you notice a bowl of candy, all your favorite. Above it is a sign reading: “Take as many as you please” you:
  13. You think you are

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Quiz topic: Am I getting fatter? (18+ gurls)