Which Letter For The King character are you?

Which character from The Letter For The King are you? This has the book characters, the tv show can go...go far away. Blech. Sorry I guess if you clicked on this because of the show tho. It has mostly the same characters...

You can still take it if you want... ya know whatevs. The characters that you might get are- Lavinia, Tiuri, Piak, Sir Ristridin, the hermit Menaures, or Lady Mirian, (the matron of the castle of Unauwen).

Created by: Sauron
  1. If you lived in medieval times, what job would you want?
  2. Where would you live?
  3. How would you be described on a report card?
  4. Which popular phrase describes your life?
  5. What outfit would you wear?
  6. Pick one word to describe yourself
  7. Pick another word to describe yourself
  8. Which of these worlds would you prefer to visit?
  9. What color shield would you don?
  10. Where would you live in the world of The Letter For The King?
  11. What would you add to your bucket list?
  12. Who was your favorite character in The Letter For The King? (Out of these options...)
  13. K I think we’re done

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Quiz topic: Which Letter For The King character am I?