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  • You are 89% like a wolf.

    You're a wolf. You dress in colors resembling a wolf's simple coat, and howl in your sleep. You walk on all fours and shake to dry off after showers. You have teeth sharper than normal, and have taken a strange interest in biting. You lick your cuts to help them heal. You catch your tongue lolling out of your mouth when you're tired, and like to walk on all fours. You refer to your tight group of friends as your pack, and feel betrayed when they show disloyalty.

  • 91% i mean, I do have a tendency to bite stuff sometimes my tongue hangs out, I like to be alone. So I guess it makes sence

  • im 88 percent darn

  • 96%

    I mean... i do actually identify as a wolf to a certain extent and do express behaviors relating to wolves so...


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