Are you know zayn malik?

There are many girls and boys who tell everyone that they are zayns are you know him?Are you true fan of him?Maybe.okay lets see.hope you get great result.

If you do not get good result sorry for that.but i hope you get good result.and if you get good result congrats for you.hope you all get excellent result

Created by: Donotdisturb

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  1. What is his favourite color?
  2. What is his favourite food?
  3. What is his fiance name?
  4. What is his father name?
  5. What is his grandpa name?
  6. How many sister he have?
  7. Where are he from?
  8. Which band he belong?
  9. Are you a fan of him?
  10. Pls rate it.

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Quiz topic: Am I know zayn malik?