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  • Your result: Indie

    Indie- A genre of music and cult following of younger generation which is striving to be different from pop music followers. Music is often underground, not known to popular audiences because of independent record labels. You are independent and do not like to follow the crowd. You are usually decked out in togs different from the local scene. Rock on!

    I love this quiz so much, awesome questions and a great result! 10/10! :D

  • Your Result: Metal

    Black metal- A subgenre of heavy metal. Characteristics of black metal include typically high-pitched screaming vocals, tremolo picked guitars lacking bass and emphasising treble, and blastbeats (quadruple time drum beats). Unlike its sibling, the more thrash-based death metal, black metal concentrates more on mood and melodies. You are hardcore and love goth!

    Uh no. I like SOME metal but not much. wtf.

  • indie

    i like all listed above actually but that is def. my preference order (well even tho im not quite sure what indie is)

    oh, hard choice on the what bands question, picked atl/CiWWAF but once i saw tdwp i almost chose that one

  • This quiz sucked balls of steel!

  • Ok...choice #3 on the last question WAS NOT NEEDED!!! Doesn't any1 stop and think that there may b kids on this site???

    Sarah Soda Slim
  • You don't know s---.

    Hikaru Katsu

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