are you in the now part2

If you like magazines this test is for you! Master questions you know, learn more about the stars in Hollywood and impress your friends with your star knowledge!

Can you even list the stars in Hannah Montana? If ou can this quiz is for you! Answer qestions about the latest gossip. Take this quiz right...........Now!

Created by: clara
  1. Are Justin Bieber and Miley goods pals?
  2. Is Selena Gomez sick of the Miley Cyrus comparisons?
  3. Is Zac Efron's little brother 12?
  4. Does Justin Bieber like being chased by girls?
  5. Is Greyson Chance's favorite flower to give girls Lavender?
  6. Did Haley McDonald have leukemia at 13?
  7. Was Selena Gomez's first kiss with Joe Jonas?
  8. Would Justin Bieber "absolutely" date a fan?
  9. Would Hutch Dano let a girl pay on a date?
  10. Does Ashley Tisdale eat ice cream while getting through a breakup?

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Quiz topic: Am I in the now part2