Are You In Love? (Boys Version)

Not alot of people know if they are in love.Alot of people know they love her with all their heart and will do anything for her.Other have no idea and are really confused if they love her or not.Let's see if you do with this quiz.

Are you in love? are you depressed? Your probobly in love. Are you not lookin at her? You only THINK you love her? You know you love her but you just wanna prove it with this quiz? Let's find out.

Created by: daniel
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  1. Do You always find yourslef looking at her?
  2. Are you always depressed ever since you thought you loved her?
  3. do you know for a fact you love her
  4. Do you try to think of ways to impress her?
  5. Do you get jealous when other guys are around her?
  6. Do you hate your friends jumping to conclusion about you and her?
  7. do you hate it when people at your school who found out keep asking if your gonna ask them out?
  8. have you lost care about EVERYTHING ever since you loved her?
  9. would you do anything for her? including selling your soul to be with her
  10. you sure your result will be yes because you love her so much?
  11. are you happy this quiz is over?

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Quiz topic: Am I In Love? (Boys Version)