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  • 76 percent...COOL! I actually have known the dude my whole life so I was thinking I would have got a SUPER high number but this is probably sort of low because I moved schools and we only see each other online.

    starheart May 13 '15, 4:53PM
  • IGNoRe the death comments! A friend and I saw a comment like that 2 years ago! The comment said that we would die in a week if we didn't repost it 5,000 times!

    Jtoatodtoa May 10 '15, 10:18PM
  • Apparently, I'm 64 percent in love. I think it's mostly because I don't know him that well. I'm making a promise that I WILL get to know him better. Right now, I only get to see him in writing and sometimes in P.E.

    Jtoatodtoa May 10 '15, 10:16PM
  • I enjoyed this quiz! But now thanks to the scare comments I will be dead by Wednesday.

    S_E_ Apr 26 '15, 8:24PM
  • I liked the quiz. I am in love ,well i just recently feel out of love ,but it could come back . if i grow up a bit. i hope i do .. thanks.

    vett Apr 25 '15, 1:54AM
  • I don't have a relationship,but technically do in my imagination I like 2 women from DC Comics and I can't tell you try guessing but I am I will put it backwards NosyarG CkiD drahciR these will be backwards too I am also the first NiboR and I am currently gniwthgiN k so guess who I am having a relation ship with either erifrats or lrigtab btw IM LEGIT it's all a riddle

    Nightwing22 Mar 21 '15, 8:50AM
  • That quiz is so cool!!

    Sparkle123 Mar 19 '15, 6:39PM

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