Are You in Love?

Have you ever wonderd how you feel about some one? Have you even wonderd if you do feel more than atraction to someone? Well I know I have and I hope that this quizz helps you figure it out!!!

If this quizz dosen't work at least have fun whit it or just kill time!Hope you enjoy and plese comment! And by the way remember what one once said its better to have love and lost that have never loved at all I know sound stupid but what ever!!! I hope you get some answers

Created by: Emotastic \m/

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how far have you gone?
  2. do you know his or her family?
  3. how often do you text or talk!
  4. have you cheated?
  5. how much time do you need to heel the wounds of your break up?
  6. how many GF or Bf have you had?
  7. is he or she sexy?
  8. if your cell rings at 2:50am who you think it is?
  9. when was the last time you saw your crush?
  10. we are done!!! how many times have you said that?
  11. what ever is your result rember its not necessarily true!!!so here it goes your answer is...

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Quiz topic: Am I in Love?