are you mysterious or unique?

you are a loner everyone could care less of what you are.they even pretend you don't even exist but it dosen't bother you cause you could care less about them.

you are a kind giving person everyone loves you.your never alone people are always around you and can't get enough of love to feel wanted and you care about everything.

Created by: phonixstriker

  1. what do you do for your spare time?
  2. someone is crying and comes to you for advice you...
  3. someone stares at you as you stand alone you...
  4. how outgoing are you?
  5. how many friends do you have?
  6. do you have anyone to turn to?
  7. do you like to help others?
  8. do you want help when it's needed?
  9. why do you stand alone?
  10. do you care for anyone?

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Quiz topic: Am I mysterious or unique?