What Warrior Cat Are You And What Is Your Role???

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Hii this will tell you what your warrior name and roll is!All the cats in this are Oc’s but its great to know who your most like! I hope you enjoy! :3

Brings down fever and used to increase a queen's supply of milk. Burdock RootCures infection. Chewed into a pulp.CatmintCures greencough.ChervilLeaves cure infected wounds, and chewing roots helps bellyache.CobwebUsed as a bandage for bleeding wounds.ColtsfootHelps with shortness of breath. Chewed into a pulp.ComfreyThis plant should be chewed into a poultice. Helps broken bones and soothes wounds.DockSoothes scratches.Dried Oak LeafThis dry plant stops infection.FeverfewHelps bring down the temperature of a cat, usually with chills or fever.GoldenrodWonderful for healing wounds and is used often. Chew into a poultice.HoneySoothes infection and helps sore throats.HorsetailApplied as a poultice and treats infected wounds.Juniper BerriesHelps with bellyache and helps breathing as well.LavenderCures fever but can be difficult to find in some cases.MarigoldChewed into a pulp and applied to infected wounds.Mouse BileKills ticks.Poppy SeedNot recommended for nursing queens, but helps with distress and makes the cat sleepy.Stinging NettleSeeds can be used for a poisoned cat, and leaves can bring down swelling of a wound or body part.TansyA plant good for curing coughs but can't be eaten in large doses.ThymeCalms anxiety.WatermintChewed into a pulp. Helps bellyache.Wild GarlicPrevents infection on wounds like rat bites.YarrowApplied to wounds to help poisoning.DEATHBERRIESNot a medicine. Can kill kits who swallow it.

Created by: Mallowleaf

  1. You see your friend being attacked by a fox! What do you do?
  2. A cat from another clan is really ill! What do you do?
  3. You fall in love with a cat from another clan what do you do?
  4. You can join any clan what is it?
  5. Fav warrior cat
  6. Am I annoying
  7. Did you like the quiz?
  8. I just found out the quiz has to be ten questions long sooooooo... You’ve just died we’re are you?
  9. What’s your ideal place to live at the lake?
  10. And finally what’s your favourite prey?

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Quiz topic: What Warrior Cat am I And What Is my Role???