Are you horse crazy?

There are many people who like horses, but few true horse lovers. Horse lovers are quite exceptional. What is a horse crazy person? A horse crazy person is someone who has an extraordinarily love for horses, and is able see the world through a pair of fuzzy ears.

Are YOU horse crazy? There are many horse lovers out there, but are you truly one of them? Taking this quiz is a step closer to finding out!

Created by: Jill
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  1. Do you think you are horse crazy?
  2. What does the word "Bay" mean to you?
  3. Do you like reading horse books?
  4. Do you have horse posters in your room?
  5. Do you ride?
  6. Do you own a horse?
  7. Do you have any horse magazines??
  8. Do you know a lot about horses?
  9. How many horse figurines do you have?
  10. Would you rather go horseback riding or go shopping?
  11. Do you like this quiz so far? (won't affect score)
  12. Do you like doing horse crafts?
  13. Do you pretend you're a horse?
  14. Do you pretend you're bike is a horse?
  15. Do you like drawing horses?
  16. What do you like watching the most?
  17. When you think of horses, what word do you think of?
  18. do you know the difference between bermuda, timothy, and alfalfa?

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Quiz topic: Am I horse crazy?