What Horse are YOU?

There are MANY breeds of horses. In fact, there are over two hundred fifty different breeds of different horses, as us horse-crazy people would know. But there's only three different types of personalities.

What personality are YOU? Are YOU horse-crazy enough, or are YOU just plain crazy? Until now, YOU could just wonder and ponder about it. But, thanks to this quiz YOU can find out now by answering these short twelve quiz questions!

Created by: lilydog
  1. A new owner has come to see you n your stall. When the human approaches, you:
  2. The stable hand(helper) takes you out of your stall for the new potential owner. As he tries to get you out of the stall you:
  3. At your new home there are other horses and a goat. The first thing you do is:
  4. Dinner time is approaching and it's past your usual feeding time, you:
  5. The farrier (blacksmith) has come to make sure your hooves (feet) are okay. When he reaches for your hoof (foot) you:
  6. You see a young human going to each stall and giving a bale of hay. You decide to:
  7. You finally get to go into the paddock with the other horses. The first thing you do is:
  8. You spy a very cute gelding (a fixed horse) across the paddock. Your instinct tells you:
  9. A horse starts to pick a fight with you for your social status. You:
  10. A young human has been coming to the barn and sitting on your back. When this human rides you, he/she squeezes your belly with his/her leg to go to the next gait(ex. walk to trot).

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Quiz topic: What Horse am I?