are you HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY or wimpy wimpy wimpy

many people are fat many are average and some are wimpy, which are you?? take this quiz to find out if you are hefty hefty hefty or wimpy wimpy wimpy or hefty heftmpy or wimpy wimpy wimpy

this quiz has many spelling errors and all of the questions have an effect but number 8 note you must answer the questions truthfully to get the accurate answer

Created by: softball _cat33
  1. how much do you weigh
  2. how much do you eat
  3. what do you do in you free time?
  4. what size of pants do you wear (adult sizes)
  5. what kind of style do you wear
  6. do you agree making a quiz is hard?
  7. how smart are you
  8. how often are you hungry
  9. how often do you poop
  10. what is your favorite color

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Quiz topic: Am I HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY or wimpy wimpy wimpy