Are you cool????????

Hi!there are some cool people out there and some wimpy people out there!so take this quiz to find out if your a wimpy kid or a cool kid.go ahead have fun.

So are you cool?or are you not.if your not sure then take this quiz.itll help you find out if your actually cool or have fun taking my fab quiz.

Created by: Skeleton dude

  1. Do you listen tc gangnamstyle?
  2. What music do ya listen to?
  3. What films do ya watch?
  4. What books do ya read?
  5. What are you scared of?
  6. Do ya have nightmares?
  7. If yes what nightmares do ya have?if ya put no on the last question just put dunno on this one.
  8. What's ya dream job?
  9. How many friends ya have?
  10. What would ya call your coolness factor?
  11. Do ya like school?
  12. What is your favorite subject?
  13. Do ya like waffles?
  14. What do ya wear?
  15. What do ya wear on your feet?
  16. Are you fat?
  17. When are ya born
  18. What games do ya play

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Quiz topic: Am I cool????????