are you truly a wimpy kid fan?

this quiz will push your wimpy kid cleverness to your limit. its tough challenging and most of all tough its a huge accomplishment to get just halve way.

will YOU master the quiz of extreme toughness and be the full wimpy kid fan? or will you fail and need to start hitting the books? who knows where you'll be standing before you take this quiz. do it!

Created by: matthew

  1. who does greg try to impress by the pool in "dog days"?
  2. what is the name of the book club that greg's mom sets up in "dog days"?
  3. why was greg trapped indoors with his family during the Xmas holidays in "cabin fever"?
  4. in the "ugly truth",greg's school announces a special fundraiser for the music programme. what was it called?
  5. true or false: rowley felt really sick afterriding the cranium shaker in "dog days".
  6. who wins "athlete of the month" in book one?
  7. where did Rowley go on holiday in "Rodrick rules"?
  8. what was the name of the lawn-care service that Greg and Rowley start in "dog days"?
  9. what do the Heffleys name their dog in "dog days"
  10. what did manny shoot out of his nose when greg made him laugh in the car in "Rodrick rules"?
  11. true or false: greg's pen pal is named mamadou
  12. in which book did mom and dad go away and leave greg and Rodrick in charge for the night?
  13. how many people had to share an ice-cream cone that mrs Jefferson bought while on holiday in "dog days"
  14. true or false: mom has a teddy cuddles bumper sticker on her car
  15. where did greg and Rowley's family stay during their holiday in "dog days"?
  16. what does greg use to take his books to school in "hard luck"?
  17. what is the name of Rowley's comic strip that becomes a catchphrase?
  18. in what type of transport does greg want to arrive at the big valentine's dance in "the last straw"?
  19. why didn't greg, Rodrick and their dad stay at the campsite at the end of "the last straw"?
  20. what is the colour of the van that the beerados' own in "the long haul"?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly a wimpy kid fan?