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  • rubbish quiz

  • no. well, that's super rude! i like my ears! well, i said more than one because i am getting my ears pierced again, sometime this summer. i only have one piercing in each ear, currently. i am getting the one where it is just a bit above the usual spot, but only a bit, so its still on the squishy part.

    so i don't wear makeup! who cares!? certainly not my friends! not my boyfriend or family!

    so i wear dark stuff! again, who cares?! i feel safer, bigger, way less vulnerable in darker clothes! i love my high top skate shoes! my skinny jeans and loose tops, over sized hoodies! i love that stuff! its who i am!

    you certainly seem very shallow! i suppose you would call me ugly obese if i gained even one pound? well, i got news for you, buddy! i am still growing! i am a gymnast, too, so weight gain is inevitable! that's right! i am proud of my body! even if i am 115 pounds! even if i am 5"4 and a half, and have size nine and half shoe size!

    so maybe i am taking this way too seriously. so maybe i am over reacting. but guess what? i am proud of who i am, but if you go around telling people this with unfair info, i don't think you should be proud at all

  • Yes, just a few more tweaks and you are there! Thank you but I am not getting more than an ear piercing or any tattoos or any more makeup, I don't like makeup other than, like, eye shadow blush or mascara

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