Are you good looking?

''Good-looking'' is a term used to define whether or not you look nice or not. What is ''good looking'', though? Yes, you may have good clothes and hair but is it more than that?

Are YOU good-looking? You may think you are but remember it's not just about your outside appearance, it's your personality as well! You can't be good-looking and mean can you/ Take this test and remember to answer as truthfully as you can with the options provided. Enjoy :) !!

Created by: skittleses

  1. How do you wear your hair normally? (girls)
  2. How do you have your hair? (boys)
  3. What colour eyes do you have?
  4. Describe your style. (girls)
  5. Describe your style. (boys)
  6. How much makeup?
  7. Piercings?
  8. Tattoos?
  9. When you walk around what expression do you generally have one your face?
  10. Weight-wise?
  11. Give yourself a rating of how good you look. (1=lowest; 5=highest)

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Quiz topic: Am I good looking?