Do you have a good personality?

God has made everyone with inner kindness, even though some of you may think that you don't. Well, maybe all those bundles so sweetness are hidden under all those rocks of lies and insults. Maybe you are very bright and spunky, giving a smile to everyone you see. Well everyone has a true inner heart, which I have to admit; you gotta use.

This quiz is not ment to define if you are "mean" or "nice", because everyone truly is nice their heart. This quiz will define if you have shone out you happiness, trust, kindness, and love yet. But even if this quiz says you haven't, that doesn't mean you can't. Everyone can. So go and take my quiz, but remember everyone is kind!!!!!

Created by: HeavenlyPrincess1121

  1. First of all, what do you think of this quiz, based on the title?
  2. Now, I am gonna make you wait for the next question. What do you feel?
  3. Okay... lets really start. If someone insults you, what's your reaction?
  4. What sounds most like you?
  5. Be quiet.
  6. Do you think I'm pretty?
  7. Hi.
  8. Lets PARTY! We hit double-digits on these questions! Care to party with me?
  9. You are mean.
  10. Hey. I truly promise that this question is very spiecal. I am saying this because all the things you can pick in this question will make no difference on your final score. I promise promise PROMISE that what I said is true. Same for question 13-14, too.
  11. This quiz is ending soon.
  12. Last question.

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Quiz topic: Do I have a good personality?