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  • Not very enlightening... And rather disheartening! Why even make a quiz if all you're going to do is tell everyone who takes it that they have nothing to hope for after they die! Although IM not religious, I know enough to know that that's not how ANYONE should interpret those verses. If everyone thought of things like that, then no one would believe the Bible! If this was a reminder to repent for our sins, then it was worded horribly!

  • Lol seriously? You have no right to tell people they're not good enough, at f---ing all. You're writing and saying you know everything about it all. Well here's a news flash for ya. I'm not even religious but i know 'god' forgives everyone for everything. Grow up mate.

    • You are right the bible says that Jesus paid the price for the forgiveness of every single sin. But if you dont accept that forgiveness and turn away from your sin your name is still not in the lambs book of life. You must ask God to forgive you and write your name in the book or you will go to hell. No one is good enough by themselves to get into heaven, you must have Christ to cover your sins and take you there. There is a hope for every one but you must repent and receive forgiveness.


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