Are you gay, straight, or even bi?

Okay, reasons you may take this quiz: 1. Your scared of what your sexuality is or may be. 2. You just want to see what it says. 3. You have your reasons...

I will not be able to completely tell you your sexuality. You know yourself better than anyone. Don't doubt yourself if you get something different than you wanted.

Created by: cece

  1. Do you like guys or girls?
  2. Do you tend to like things that others of your gender don't?
  3. If your a girl, do you like having short hair? If your a boy..Do you like a different style than the other guys?
  4. Have you ever caught yourself looking at same-gender people?
  5. If someone of a different gender asked you out, you would say...
  6. If someone of the SAME gender asked you out you would say...
  7. Do you wear different clothes then others of your gender? (Girls-Boyish, Guys-More colorful)
  8. Pasta, or Seafood?
  9. Have you been raised in an enviornment with homophobics?
  10. Are you afraid of being...

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Quiz topic: Am I gay, straight, or even bi?