Are you a Gallist?

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Gallism is a political ideology and a leftist version of Globarchism that concerns the entire Norman population and also the entire world, it highlights the left because it also highlights a small portion of the right but mostly Communist thoughts, and a little of his own. There is another name for this party : The International-Theocracy

The party reports that there are three species in the world, one of which is missing, the three species are Humans, Chluts, and Schlons, the Chluts have been annihilated, and the Schlons are now the rulers of the world.

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  1. First, do you support the MCG, or any anti-french parties?
  2. Are you against Islam?
  3. Question 1 : Do you want Hebrews to rule the Arab territory?Question 2 : Should the Government be Favored by itself?
  4. Do you think the employee should all gain the same amount of money as their boss?
  5. Do you think your "race" is superior than others?
  6. Do you think homosexuals don't deserve to exist? (excluding the ones that don't make out or marry with people of the same sex as them)
  7. Do you think bisexual must only make out with people of opposite sex as them?
  8. Do you think the world should unite as an only nation?
  9. Do you hate France?
  10. Do you believe in the past existence of Amonize?
  11. Do you think everyone must be converted to your religion?
  12. What's better? Freedom or Equality?
  13. Do you think everyone should keep Their ethnic identity and not make mixed babies with different ethnic people?
  14. Do you think your nation is better than others?
  15. Do you hate ALL of those nation listed? : Prussia, England, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco and Australia
  16. Do you think Prussian and English children should be treated like porks?
  17. Do you think the other cultures are inferior to your continent's? (ex : Europe's culture is superior to others)
  18. What are you for? Progression or conservation?
  19. Ecology?
  20. Do you think everything should be owned by the government?
  21. Do you hate gypsies?
  22. Free health-care?
  23. Do you think rap and hip-hop should be forbidden?
  24. Should enemies of Gallism be tortured for 9 months then executed and given as food to the population?
  25. Do you think people who don't care about politics should be executed?
  26. Should migrants make only one children in their entire life?
  27. Should mixed sex and mixed birth be illegal and punished to death?
  28. Should accidental murder be punished if we know it is accidental?
  29. Do you think the future Gallist Union should construct multiple plantations such as RuptureFarms, Soulstorm Brewery and others?
  30. Should the government have something to do with everything?
  31. Do you think men are better and deserve more than women?
  32. Do you hate humans?
  33. Are you pro-LGBTQ+ or do you believe there are more than two genders?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Gallist?