Are you Globarchist?

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Globarchy was a recent ideology that was invented this year in 2019, and since no one knows this except me (literally), then would you take this quiz and acknowledge your thoughts?

This ideology did already get a branch of itself, it's called Social-Globarchy, AKA : Gallism, it is mostly on the left because there is more equality than freedom.

Created by: Mabire
  1. Do you think the Government should gain the most money?
  2. Do you think bosses should gain more money than the employee only if they get to a certain level of experience, meaning that he will have access to the government?
  3. Do you think everyone who agrees with the government should get the equal amount of money?
  4. What would the hierarchy look like?
  5. Do you think there should be only rich people in the world?
  6. Should the bosses get more power than their employees?
  7. Should there be a second-in-command leader and a third-in-command so the leader could command everyone and own everything while the second-in-command should control the behavior of the citizens and the third-in-command should only control the population's economy?
  8. Should there be equality or freedom?
  9. How would you class the levels of amikno? (ex : the boss should reach multiple levels depending how good they are)
  10. Should cultures be mixed?
  11. Should social Communism be instaured? ex : if your friend wants to have a drink and you as well, never sacrifice one of you two and you should both drink the same glass of water or buy one for each of you.
  12. Do you think the government should control all market even if they belong to their boss or creators?
  13. Do you think that the world should unite?
  14. Do you think the government should control the world and force everyone to think what the government think?
  15. Do you think the nations the government hates is inferior to the rest of the world?
  16. Do you think there should be a secret society that control the world so they could believe your/the government's ideas?

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Quiz topic: Am I Globarchist?