Are You Funny to your friends?

There are a few funny ones and if your luck it might be you! BTW check out Alex Denis Sketch Sub And Corl At YouTube! And DANTDM! If you like this quiz please tell your friends!

Good luck fr the quiz! I hope everyone is funny here! Please check out Dantdm..Alex Denis Sketch Sub and Corl at YouTube! Are you funny? Are you friendly?

Created by: Chloe
  1. Do you do jokes at home?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Do your friends laugh at your funny joke?
  4. Do you like memes? :D
  5. Do you like old games?
  6. Are you popular for your jokes?
  7. Are you cute/hot
  8. Why are you doing this quiz?
  9. This quiz is long are you bored?
  10. JK it's all most finished!
  11. Last one Are you friendly?

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Quiz topic: Am I Funny to my friends?