Are you from Southie?

South Boston or Southie is the Irish-Catholic neighborhood of South Boston. Whether you are new to it or have been there since bussing, we'll test how much of a true resident yuo are

Are you a TRUE Southie resident? Maybe your're a "Plastic Paddy?" In this quiz we'll find out for sure. Are you a true corn beef and cabbage fan, or just a fake?

Created by: pat

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  1. Where is Sully's?
  2. How do you feel about bussing?
  3. Are you an IRA sympathizer?
  4. Sinn Fein?
  5. Final question. Who belongs in Southie?
  6. I lied, there's more to follow!Whitey was...
  7. Best pizza in Southie?
  8. Yuppies?
  9. What church do you go to?
  10. Did you go to college?
  11. Did you go to college?

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Quiz topic: Am I from Southie?