Are you fit for a Zombie apocalypse?

This is an easy zombie apocalypse quiz. It will test your skills on whether your a survivor or not. Have fun!! And don't forget: think of this as you during a zombie apocalypse. this is also my first quiz.

Warning this quiz is important. We don't know what covid-19 might do so make sure to take this seriously and TRY to get a high score (if you get 100% your a hacker)

Created by: ERIC2ON2TOP of ERIC2ON2TOP2the2scornfuldeciever
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  1. You wake up and hear moaning from downstairs/in the next room. What do you do? (you have no weapons yet)
  2. You watch the news and see that it's a virus causing zombies. next, your mother's room burst open and you hear moaning.
  3. The zombies tumble down the steps. you have 5 family members. What do you do?
  4. It's been 3 months and you've left your family because they were zombified. how will you travel
  5. you and whoever you chose see a guy whose skin is rotten but he's talking. what do you do?
  6. You find a bunch of vehicles and don't know which one to choose. Which one will you choose?
  7. You need a weapon. you have 8 to choose from. each has its own pros and cons. Which will you choose?
  8. Where do you go for food?
  9. How long do you think you can go without eating.
  10. if you had to choose 1 person in your group to survive with you who would it be?
  11. Turns out your immune! you got bit without anyone knowing. what will you do?
  12. Your walking through an abandoned school and you enter the library. You walk down the center aisle and get caught in a trap. The trap has your feet connected to a bookshelf but your knife is far away and you left your pistol on a table. The librarian is a zombie and is making a bunch of noise. Soon you'll be overwhelmed. What do you do?
  13. You need ammo and guns. There are 4 gun shops but each one is either overrun with zombies or far away. Which one will you go to?
  14. You see a group of people walking. Theirs 8 people. You can use the extra help. who will you choose? you don't have a nurse at the momment.
  15. you hear shots being fired outside your base. all you men and woman are here with you what do you do?
  16. It's your birthday on the day the zombie apocalypse started. what do you want?
  17. If you had to choose a base for Z-day, where would it be?
  18. Why are guns not always what you use against zombies?
  19. if you found a cure and a scientist who helped got injected himself with the virus and then he bit your wife/husband who would you give the antidote?
  20. Well either way the scientist died. He created the antidote ALONE so the scientists don't know how to make more. They also can't study it because of the risk of destroying it.What do you do?
  21. The scientists give the new antidote and it turns the zombies into big zombies like Nemesis but they call it revenge. what do you do?
  22. Remember 6 months ago when you left your family? Well, the scientists are doing HORRIBLE TERRIBLE things to them. what do you do
  23. The revenge is pushing your group farther and farther to NYC the worst zombie infested place in the world. what do you do?
  24. You get the upper hand on Revenge. How do you finish it off?
  25. you find new scientists and become the first president of the new America. How happy are you?
  26. last question. How was this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I fit for a Zombie apocalypse?

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