Are You Fat Quiz

There are alot of fat people in this world and there is alot of skinny people What are average people? Average people are people with a little amount of weight and the right amount of weight if your average good job.

Are YOU fat. Are you fat enough to qualify for that prestigious title? In just a few minutes youll find out if your fat or not just think in your mind of what you might be.

Created by: Lorna

  1. When you stand up what do you see?
  2. Do you watch TV alot?
  3. Do you eat alot?
  4. Do you have a boyfriend?
  5. Does people always compliment you in mean ways like bullying?
  6. Does people stare at your gut all day?
  7. Would you care if you were fat?
  8. Does boys stare at you and say your cute?
  9. Does your friends say your fat?
  10. Does people say you need to go on a diet?

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