are you fat(gurls)

this is a quiz to see how much you weigh you could be fat skin small huge gaint sofa king it all + everthing you pick so pick carfully you never know

so are you realy fat and sexy or skin as could be and not good looking you happy sad i want to kill my self mood or i got to star loesing them pounds brfore summer comes

Created by: Tommy
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you go out what kind of foods do you eat
  2. your weight
  3. when you stand can you see your toes
  4. you live for food
  5. have your pants button ever pop out when eating or just by itself
  6. have ur pantes ever riped
  7. is ur but big
  8. how much have you aten in 1 day eaten out
  9. can you see ur toes when in bed
  10. do you care when people call you fat

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Quiz topic: Am I fat(gurls)