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  • I got regular sized yay lol. I’m happy till I realize it’s just a quiz then I step on the scale and see I’ve gained another 5 pounds......

    tracy22 Jun 8 '18, 12:20AM
  • 1% fat

    Private eye Apr 20 '13, 10:30PM
  • 0% Fat, that is totally true. Although, it is also unhealthy to be TOO skinny. I think I need help with that. My friends say, "Girl, someone needs to grab you a 'sammich'."

    PurpleCherries Mar 22 '12, 12:48AM
  • it's not good to be too skinny so i don't know why people now days want to be skinny. please just be your normal weight. trust me if your skinny you get called names like stick insect, boney, aneroxic and others which are horrible. being skinny is worse than being obese, just be happy with what you are and don't try to change yourself.

    LoveBite Mar 15 '11, 3:01PM
  • This quiz supports anorexia.

    Mixxidee Dec 10 '10, 11:28PM
  • 27%, its actually true.
    consider myself fat, but am told by many that i am skinny.
    stomach isnt gross and rolly, but would rlly like to tone up.

    Shaysterrr Nov 8 '10, 1:08PM
  • you are in great shape continue what you are doing and you will maintain weight and look great. You can afford to eat some of the junk food but watch it you dont want to become what you eat.

    Only 3 percent fat!. This quiz is a psychic!

    Dixon Oct 16 '09, 11:44AM
  • your all s.hit

    kalita Mar 12 '08, 9:22PM
  • ummm, okay quiz, i was skinny! not to skinny

    jenni Mar 7 '08, 8:02PM
  • great quiz!

    misskiss Feb 27 '08, 2:28PM

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