Are you excited for the NFL season?

There are many people in the world. The NFL is entertainment to many. Are you one of those many? Please take this quiz to see if you are excited for the NFL season.

Are you the best? You have to be the best to watch the NFL. Thanks for taking this quiz. You will do great. Good job. The NFL is great just like you. Thanks.

Created by: Serge

  1. Does it feel like forever since you watched a meaningful NFL game?
  2. Do you have a favorite NFL team?
  3. Is your favorite NFL team listed below?
  4. Who is going to win the super bowl this year?
  5. Are you ready for some football?
  6. Who will go defeated this year(0-16)?
  7. Who will win the AFC West?
  8. Are you the best?
  9. Are you the worst?
  10. Thanks

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Quiz topic: Am I excited for the NFL season?