are you emo or not??

Not everybody is Emo but that doesnt mean you have to be like them.Being emo doesnt mean your into stuff like death but yuor into some kool things.Emo is also just a way of life and it happens.dont be scared.

Are you Emo?Take this quiz to find out,If you are emo no need for change.Emo is the best way to go .Dont listen to the others just be your self.Being yourself will only get you the correct results for yourself.

Created by: moed22

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what color nail polish are you wearing rite now?
  2. Whats your personal style?
  3. Who is your fave band?
  4. Whats your fave song?
  5. Whats your fave thing to do?
  6. who is the hottest hottie??
  7. Whats your fave animal?
  8. Whats your fave color?
  9. Do you wear lots of make up?
  10. Is the dark better than the light?

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Quiz topic: Am I emo or not??