are you HOT or NOT

there are some people that think they are hot and brag about there looks but you cant always depend on your looks.the difenition of hot i dont know everybody has there own taste wither they are ugly or hot it doesnt matter about the looks its about the personallity but who knows anything can happen

Are you HOT or NOT???? Do you have the looks that everybody wants?Are you the person that everybody is jealous because of your looks? well i hope this test will give you the results you want but if it doesnt i am so sorry but if you have a good personality that is what counts the most

Created by: D3S+!NY
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you have abs or do you have flab??
  2. are you a couch patato or are you a sporty person
  3. are you a bad boy/girl or are you a good boy/girl
  4. boys?:is one of your ears peiced?? girls?:do you have two pircings
  5. boys:are you the gangsta type girls:are you a girly girl or a tom boy?
  6. boys:do you have musele on your arms? girls:do you have straigh or curly hair
  7. are you a dare devil?
  8. are you one of those people that has alot of girlfriends/boyfriends at the same time?
  9. do you wear namebrand perfume/colone
  10. do you have acne?
  11. do you wear glasses

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Quiz topic: Am I HOT or NOT