Which Type of Clone Trooper are you?

Many have wondered that if they were a clone, what would they be. Take this quiz and recieve your answer today! you will recieve one of five results. 1

this part doesnt matter im just typing this so i can move one and dont even read thos just take the quiz XD lolz have fun on the quiz but don't read this part cause it doesnt matter!

Created by: Seymour Buttz

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  1. What is your favorite activity?
  2. Your gunship crashes in the middle of nowhere. you...
  3. Your friend is wounded in front of he trench. You:
  4. A Mercenary sneaks nito your room ,but wakes you up. What do you do about him?
  5. What do you do with the body?
  6. Order 66 is issued. You:
  7. A group of clones rebels against the republic. You
  8. You are the last trooper left. the droids just killed your partner. You...
  9. Favorite mode of transportation?
  10. just click any button, this won't affect your score.

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Quiz topic: Which Type of Clone Trooper am I?