Are you emo/gothic/prep?

Well, i was pretty much bored and get things straightned out with these people who think they are emo when they are just posers. God i cant believe have to type so many words. haha. ok well. have fun with this quiz I guess. ok well i guess if you want to you can like, i dont know lol. im just trying to take up all this space so i can stop typing hah.

Do you think your emo? What about gothic? Prep? I don't care if you want to take this quiz or not. Its just for the people who are confused. god, why do i have to type so much? haha. well you can just knock yourself out with this quiz because i thought i could do this for fun but i can't because i have to type so much words!! haha.

Created by: kasey

  1. Do you like life?
  2. Do you cut?
  3. Do you like hot topic?
  4. Do you like pink?
  5. Do you own a studded belt?
  6. Your faveorite band is..?
  7. do you like skinny jeans?
  8. Your outfit usually looks like..?
  9. You hair looks like..?
  10. What do you do in a breakup?
  11. What color is like your personality?
  12. The glass is..?
  13. Why did you take this survey?

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Quiz topic: Am I emo/gothic/prep?