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  • EveryonE just needs to shut up and leave emo culture Alone.... it isn't about cutting, or what you wear, or if you cry a lot. Emo is. A music genre, like screamo and metal. If you call someone emo all that means is that they dress how they feel... so all you haters... stfu!!! And if you were going to diss this culture then why da fuk did u even take this quiz?? So go live your life somewhere elSe cuz we dont give a fuk...

  • I never understood this emo/goth/whatever else stuff. Just be yourself, sheeze... I'ma dull person you see ~_~

  • eh, i got 40% Emo. Well, i'm like half emo and half not. i mean i like to wear black stuff, it' and, i have black hair and i have bangs. And, that i want an emo haircut. That.Does.Not.Mean. I'm.Emo. Ok, peace! =D

  • You are 90% emo. 90%

    Wow! You are as emo as they come! You have dark thoughts and relish in the chance to make yourself feel. Well then.

    A bored emo
  • yay i got 0% emo! u guyz, im not really like that, its personal why i say yay, but i agree. some ppl need to try to lay offof emo peeps


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